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Spa Twist & Dry

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The gentle way to towel dry your hair and minimize breakage!

You've heard of the t-shirt method or "plopping". Sure they can work in a pinch, but why go through so much when you can do it the easy way?

Stop using terry cloth towels to dry your hair after a wash. They can cause breakage and disrupt the curl pattern. This turban-towel is a cotton/poly jersey wrapped over an absorbent microfiber towel. It's much lighter than a towel and you get the gentleness of the knit fabric and the absorbency of microfiber. With less breakage because you aren't rubbing your hair against rough, moisture sucking terry-cloth fibers!

I promise, you will never want to dry your hair with a towel again!

All you have to do is wrap this around your head straight from the shower. Secure it with the loop in the back and you can get dressed or put on makeup while the microfiber absorbs the water from your hair. No wringing, squeezing or scrunching your delicate strands!

Plus, the fun colors and prints make wash day less of a chore. Get it today. You'll be glad you did.