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Satin Bonnet- Big Kids Size

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It's never too early to teach healthy hair habits!  Sleeping in satin bonnet or sleep caps, protects hair from dryness and breakage. Satin bonnets also preserve hairstyles, no more waking up with bed head or having to do her hair as you're rushing out the door in the mornings. 

Our handmade satin bonnets for big kids feature ADJUSTABLE elastic which gives you the ability to custom fit the satin bonnet comfortably, with no drawstrings or cords to dangle around his or her neck! Our big kids size bonnets fit older kids or kids with LOTS of hair. This size is suitable for kids 7 and up. 

Just choose a character or color and you're good to go. Please note, when you select a character fabric, it may not be the fabric shown. That is because the fabric manufacturers often discontinue patterns. You will still get the character of choice, but the background colors can vary. 

Character fabric is made of 100% cotton. This will be the outer layer of the bonnet. The inner layer will be shiny, smooth 100% charmeuse satin. Or, you can also request just plain satin inside and out! Just leave a note in the comment section when you place your order. 

These satin bonnets for infants are sized by amount of hair as well as head size. Please consider the amount of hair of the child and refer to our sizing guide when determining which bonnet to order.
When in doubt, contact us through this site, or on social media to discuss.