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Leopard Print Satin Bonnet

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Pamper your strands with pure luxury. A satin bonnet from Satin Bonnet Boutique is handmade just for you using premium charmeuse satin inside and out. Just choose a color below. The color you select will be the outside color. The inside color will be a coordinating satin. Inside colors can vary from any pictures shown.

All of our bonnets feature adjustable elastic, so you can get the comfortable custom fit you deserve without worrying about cords, drawstrings or Velcro getting tangled in your hair. 

The Medium Sized Satin Bonnet by Satin Bonnet Boutique is handmade for people with medium length to long hair. Whether you have relaxed hair or your rock natural curls, a satin bonnet will protect your strands! This satin sleep cap is roomier than the average beauty supply store bonnet, and will stand up to all your styling needs. 

Satin bonnets protect hair from breakage, preserve styles and keep hair product off of bedding. They are beneficial for all hair types, and are a great way to make extensions and weaves last longer. Treat yourself with a premium, handmade satin bonnet today!

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