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Who We Are

Satin Bonnet Boutique is your one stop shop for accessories to promote healthy hair. We provide quality handmade goods for adults and kids as well as carefully curated third party products that complement our handmade goods. 

Our Shop

That was the saying on the fortune cookie that I opened the day before I opened my Etsy shop. I took it as a sign that my idea for satin bonnet that adjusts with no velcro or drawstrings was going to be a hit! Soon our wonderful handmade items were selling like hotcakes, so our standalone web site was launched less than a year later.

We have made thousands of bonnets and other healthy hair solutions for adults and children, girls and boys all over the world including countries all over Europe, Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean Islands, and of course right here in the USA. 

All of our bonnets are handmade just for you in our state of the art sewing studio. We use nothing but the best quality materials and technology in order to bring you useful and stylish accessories to promote healthier hair. 

About the Owner

After experiencing some hair shedding after giving birth to my 3rd child in 2011, I decided to research healthy hair habits in order to grow my hair stronger. I found that all my hair role models had the same tips: wear a bonnet to sleep, deep condition regularly and treat the hair gently. This is when I came up with my line of hair products that allow me to implement those great tips easily, and conveniently. My bonnets, Zap-Caps and spa hair wraps came about because I couldn't find anything in the marketplace that could do what I needed for my hair with a minimum of fuss. 

When people started asking me what I was doing to my hair to make it look so healthy, I knew I had something. I decided to use the business skills I've acquired in my 20 years in corporate America, and take my handmade satin bonnet business to the next level. Satin Bonnet Boutique is the next step in my plan to take my place alongside inspirational entrepreneurs such as Madame C.J. Walker and Lisa Price. 

As the owner of Satin Bonnet Boutique, I take pride in the items I put out into the world. I want my customers to love them as much as I do! All of my items are handmade either by me, or under my direct supervision. We use the best fabrics and materials and we're always looking for ways to innovate in order to provide you with ways to make your hair care regimen easier.

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to contact us with any questions!

Tiffany Simmons


Satin Bonnet Boutique