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What is #BonnetLife?

Bonnet life is appreciating the beauty of your hair whether its curly or straight, waist length or pixie length, natural or relaxed. Bonnet life is lavishing attention on your strands and taking the time and effort to give your hair the care it deserves, because good hair is healthy hair, and healthy hair doesn't just happen. If you're reading this page odds are you are already living the bonnet life!

But that bonnet life isn't always easy. Sometimes bonnets can come off at night, or be too tight, leaving marks around your face. Luckily, we've solved those problems for you. Our premium adjustable satin bonnets are custom fit with no drawstrings, ties, or Velcro, allowing your bonnet to stay on comfortably all night

Can't sleep with a satin bonnet? No sweat (hehehe), you can still live the bonnet life. Satin pillowcases are the next best thing to wearing a satin bonnet, and our satin pillowcases are just the cutest! Check out our selection of handmade satin pillowcases in a variety of patterns for kids and adults.

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